What Consoles can I use with GAEMS products?

All of our units are officially compatible with the Xbox One®

  • Xbox One®
  • Xbox 360 E®
  • Xbox 360 S®
  • Xbox 360® Elite + HDMI
  • PlayStation® 4
  • PlayStation® 3 Slim

Will your products be compatible with the Next-Gen Consoles?

In the wake of the recent console war, we thought it would be appropriate to give our current and future customers an update.  As of right now, both the Sentry and Vanguard are functionally compatible with both next generation consoles.  The PS4 meets our standard for protection as is, however the XBOX One we feel needs a kit for added stability.

Due to the fact GAEMS was not provided either console prior to launch, production of the XBOX One Upgrade Kit was delayed longer than we had intended.  Now that we have both consoles in hand you can expect an official announcement on the release of this kit in the next few weeks.  This Kit is projected to be released in the beginning of next year.  This kit will contain a more secure foam base as well as modified Velcro straps to secure the larger console.


In the time until this kit is made available we want to remind you to unplug all cords from your console before closing and transit.  It is also important to remember to never place anything on top of your console as this will risk damage to the screen.  These tips are advised for all consoles, but due to the new sizes of next generation consoles it is now more important than ever.

But what about my Original PS3, PS3 Super Slim, Wii U, etc?

Feel free to use whichever console you so desire with our units. If it has a HDMI cord, and physically fits in the unit, it will work. The reason we do not support some consoles is because we cannot guarantee that: 

A. The console will fit properly, and not damage the screen in the event of the unit being dropped, crushed, etc.

B. The Straps in our unit will hold said console properly during travel, and in the event of a drop

IF you decided to use our product with one of the aforementioned unapproved consoles, keep in mind that any damage that occurs to either your GAEMS unit, or your console will not be covered by a warranty.



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    Thanks for information Chunkyfox Bastango Devlik Fanposter Followers150

  • Alex Campbell

    Thanks for the kind words guys! We are glad you like the Vanguards! @Joshua, GAEMS we're good at, spelling...not so much =)

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    Joshua Benuto

    Great Product, Playstation 4 Is Misspelled, Just So You Know : )

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    Ben Street

    Thanks for making a great product. I own both the original pge and the vanguard, and both have served well. Recently, I travelled with my xbox one and my vanguard and found that I didn't hqve room to pack the accessories in the pge itself and had to put them in a separate piece of luggage. First, will the kit further prohibit space for packing my accessories, and, second, have you found that the battle bag helps with this issue or does it make it difficult to still take the unit as a carry on? Thanks again for enabling my addiction on the go.

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    martin ledesma

    I just purchased the black edition vanguard and it is amazing! Thanks for making a home gaming console portable and playable anywhere! It really helps people like me who cant always be home to play because of my job. My only concern is if there is any news on when the xbox one foam insert/straps adapter will be available for purchase? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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