My Vanguard Screen is cracked, what do I do?

The warranty on the Vanguard only protects against manufacturer defects, and as such, does not cover broken screens.

The reason for this, is that most if not all cracked screens are a result of a negative interaction with the product, not a defective screen.

Due to the way the way the screen/speaker module is manufactured, repairing the screen is practically impossible. We wish repair was a easy, cost effective option for repairing our units! Our first priority is our customers, and we are constantly striving to find new and better ways to solve problems that arise through the use of our products.

In order to help out customers who have a Vanguard with a cracked screen, we offer a $100 dollar discount on a new Vanguard. This offer does have conditions though.

Please email with the following information in order to get started on the process:

  • A picture of your Vanguard's screen, while turned on, so we can asses the damage.
  • A picture, scanned image, or screen capture of your proof of purchase. This can be an online order confirmation, reciept, bank statement, etc.
  • Your Name, Phone Number, Shipping Address, and email address

Once we have determined the validity of your request, we will be in touch.

Please keep in mind that this process can take up to 2 weeks to complete.


  • Alex Campbell

  • Alex Campbell

    There isn't a link to provide the information to receive the discount.

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    M7 Alareefi

    Hello my m155 usb port is out of its place its not getting the power it needs i cant find a way to fix it i bought it from amazon and i have the warranty . How can i fix it or what do i do

  • Alex Campbell

    @mawusi roberts This issue is covered under warranty, please reach out to

  • Alex Campbell

    @michaeldiangelo88 You may need a new power supply, please reach out to if not done so already.

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    mawusi roberts

    my gaems m155 usb has a short am i covered in a warrenty

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    I keep trying to set up the ps3 and the g155 screen keeps flashing off on me

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