Traveling with your GAEMS unit

Flying with your GAEMS unit

All GAEMS units are TSA approved, meaning that you can bring them with you onboard as carry on luggage. You will need to store your PGE in the overhead compartments.

Under NO circumstances are you to check your PGE as luggage. It WILL break.

TSA will most likely search your unit when you bring it through security. Do NOT let them repack your PGE and close it. You must repack the unit yourself to ensure that it is packed properly, and will not be damaged during travel. 

If TSA wishes to X-Ray the unit, let them! The X-Ray machine will not harm your GAEMS unit, or your console in any way. Your precious saved games will remain intact!

Using your GAEMS unit in other countries

Both the Vanguard and the Sentry are rated to be used with voltages ranging from 100-240 volts. This covers almost every country in the world, so all you need is a plug adapter!

We currently sell a Travel Kit for the Sentry that allows you to use the Sentry in All parts of Europe. For plug adapters beyond that, Amazon is a great resource to purchase from.

Using your GAEMS unit in your Car

Using a GAEMS unit in your car is easy to do provided you have the right equipment. You will need a power inverter rated for 400 watts of continuous to power both your gaming console, and your GAEMS unit. Something along the lines of this will work. 

Happy Traveling!






  • Alex Campbell

    Is the Gaems M-155 Backpack able to comfortably fit the M-240 inside of it as well? Does it fit without having to shove it in there or warp the structure by getting it in?

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