The Do's and Dont's of owning a GAEMS unit.

GAEMS strives to Make Gaming Possible Where No One Else Can. We develop our products with the end user experience in mind. Both our Vanguard and Sentry are made to withstand the normal wear and tear of traveling with your gaming console and accessories inside.

That being said, as with any product there are certain things you must watch out for when using our products.

Think of your GAEMS unit as a High Quality TV inside a case, because that is what it is. If you were going to pack a regular TV in a box with your Gaming Console, cords, etc, would you just throw everything in there, and hope it would be alright? No, you would make sure everything was packed neatly to ensure that nothing was damaged!

Our screens are quite durable. They can withstand impact, both directly to the screen as well as through the case from the outside. 

The thing that ends up cracking screens is improper packing of your accessories. Typically what happens, is something like a controller or a AC adapter plug ends up pressed up against your unit's screen when you close it. Then, if there is any sort of compression to the unit, the accessory that is up against the screen has nowhere to move other than into the screen, causing a impact point on the screen.

In order to keep the size of our GAEMS unit manageable, we limited the amount of clearance between your console and the screen to 15-20mm, depending on what console you have. There is plenty of room for your power cords, a controller, and a few other accessories. But you must be diligent in the way that you pack your accessory pouches! This is how you must treat your GAEMS unit! Just like any other laptop, television, gaming console, etc, it will stand up to abuse within reason. Just be careful!


  • Alex Campbell

    For the Xbox one system I can't fit a controller, I only have room for the power Supply. If there's anyway to fit the power supply and controller please do tell

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