This week in gaming #1
This week in gaming #1
By  GAEMS PR | On August 2, 2013

GAEMS has teamed up with our good friends over at Loot Crate to bring VidCon attendees a place to show off their gaming prowess. Also you can drown out the convention noise thanks to Astro Gaming's a40s. So if you are heading to the Anaheim Convention Center, make sure to stop by the festival area and find the Loot Crate bus.

VidCon 2013 is the convention for anyone and everyone who loves online video. Are you a content creator? Always wanted to bounce ideas off other online content creators like Freddie W & iJustine? This is the place to do it!

The numbers are in and its not looking good if you are Nintendo. In the three-month period ending June 30, only 160,000 units were sold worldwide. That is nearly a 60% drop off from the previous quarter. Even the Wii is selling better by a margin of 50,000 units.

Now not all is bad in the world of Nintendo, they still posted a profit of $88 million for the quarter. Thanks to the hugely popular, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and the value of the Japanese yen.

That is the what the gaming headset is claiming to do by applying a small current to the front of your brain. What seems like something out of a classic horror film, is the first commercial Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Headset, shocking.

The headset is said to overclock your brain and help neurons fire faster via the small electrodes placed on your prefrontal cortex. The first reviews coming in for the mention a burning sensation and visual distortion. I think I am going to stick to bettering my gaming the "hard" way.

Published on Friday, August 02 2013 14:00

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