Give With GAEMS
Give With GAEMS
By  GAEMS PR | On January 22, 2015

GAEMS, Inc. today announced that they are partnering with Star 101.5 and Seattle Seahawk Jeron Johnson to deliver (15) personal gaming environments to Seattle Children’s Hospital on December 16. The GAEMS Vanguard™ is a Personal Gaming Environment™ (PGE™) designed to be the perfect solution for individuals and families who like to game together.

“GAEMS is proud to deliver a bit of joy to the kids, and their families, who visit Children’s Hospital,” said John Moore, Head of Marketing for GAEMS.  “As a parent there is nothing more terrifying than having a sick child. It can be tough on the whole family. We want to give these kids and their families something to do together even though they are away from home.”

Each GAEMS Vanguard will be outfitted with a new Xbox360 game system.  These units were donated by the friends and family of Ms. Gabe Cole; an amazing women, who recently lost her battle with cancer.  Gabe was known by many, loved by all, and had the kindest heart of anyone you’d ever meet.

The GAEMS Vanguard can secure any gaming console, controllers and power supply and transform any space into your own personal gaming environment. You can enjoy games, DVD’s, or streaming media anytime and just about anywhere.

GAEMS is hoping to grow this “Give with GAEMS” program by offering a matching donation.  If you are interested in donating a personal gaming environment to a hospital or other related program for kids you can contact GAEMS at

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