GAEMS to Showcase New Rail System at TwitchCon
GAEMS to Showcase New Rail System at TwitchCon
By  GAEMS PR | On September 22, 2015

Streamers to get hands-on experience with new gaming setup

Redmond, Wash. – GAEMS is headed to San Francisco Sept. 25-26 for TwitchCon 2015, and it’s bringing along the latest innovation in setups for gamers, vloggers and streamers.

GAEMS will be joined by streamers such as SeriousGaming, CannibalQueen2107, FotiGames, ProAceJOKER, Scarfino, and Mcloken. They will stream from Booth 442 using the new GAEMS Rail System, which will hit stores in time for the holidays.

The rail system takes control of any home or office gaming environment, replacing clutter with function. The GAEMS Rail System is 19.5” tall and crafted from powder-coated aluminum. It’s built to hold the GAEMS M-240 monitor, the M-155 monitor, a secondary monitor, a third screen, and numerous accessories from headphones and game controllers to eye protection and cameras.

Streamers at TwitchCon will also have the opportunity to use the new GAEMS M-240 Professional Gaming Monitor. This monitor is optimized for streaming with a 24-inch screen, virtually no lag, 2 dedicated HDMI inputs, and one HDMI output.

“The Rail System allows PC and console gamers, vloggers and streamers, and really anyone to customize, organize and enhance their desktop,” said John Moore, VP of Marketing. “We’re looking forward to having streamers get a closer look at our newest products at TwitchCon.”

The Rail System will be available this holiday season with a suggested price starting at $199.99. For more details, check out the Rail System Weighted Stand and the Rail System Satellite Stand.

GAEMS is an acronym for Gaming And Entertainment Mobile Systems, a U.S. company created by gamers, for gamers. GAEMS is known for consistently producing top quality products including the Vanguard, Sentry, M-155 and the M-240. From college students and professional athletes to CEOs and troops stationed around the globe, gamers enjoy the mobility, quality and virtually lag-free competitive advantage of GAEMS.

GAEMS has a limited number of spots available for streamers to try the new Rail System. To learn more, contact Steve Clawson at (602) 254-7312 ext. 249 or


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