Team Up with GAEMS for Military Appreciation Month
Team Up with GAEMS for Military Appreciation Month
By  GAEMS PR | On May 12, 2016

It’s Military Appreciation Month, a time to pause and think about the endless contributions made by our military home and abroad. The appreciation month is a noble and needed gesture – but we at GAEMS never stop thinking about those in uniform.

That’s why GAEMS partnered in 2010 with Operation Supply Drop, a troop support organization that brings gaming equipment to U.S. troops and NATO allies around the world. In Afghanistan and Iraq. In Pakistan and the Philippines. On board C-17s in the air, and at five major military hospitals.

The goal is to use the latest in games and equipment to give the military a diversion and a chance to unwind, even if just for a few minutes.

Operation Supply Drop has helped more than 60,000 veterans, active-duty and military families in the past five years. OSD has delivered more than 450 video game care packages to troops in more than a dozen countries. Each care package includes up to $10,000 worth of equipment from gaming consoles and games to headphones and accessories.

There’s a GAEMS case in every one. We have donated more than 1,000 GAEMS Sentry and Vanguard units to the OSD cause. Listening to stories of how OSD helps reminds us why.

“Nine month deployments to Afghanistan can be rough. Especially when you have nothing to do on your time between missions. You can only watch so many movies and play so many card games before even those lose their appeal. Thanks to Operation Supply Drop we were able to bring the guys together on their down time. Thank you OSD for making our time downrange much more enjoyable,” said Allen, who is with U.S. Army aviation.

Team up with us to support our troops for Military Appreciation Month. By making a donation during May you can score some cool gear including a one-of-a-kind GAEMS/OSD T-shirt and be entered to win a Sentry, M-155 backpack bundle, and other great prizes. Learn more and donate at

You can also donate money, gaming equipment or your time directly through OSD. Find out more at

Help us send a very clear and important “thank you” to our troops for all that they sacrifice and accomplish.

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