GAEMS Vanguard Goes to the NBA Finals
GAEMS Vanguard Goes to the NBA Finals
By  GAEMS PR | On June 3, 2016

Even the King carries his GAEMS Vanguard with him wherever he goes. King James that is.

LeBron James had his Vanguard in hand as he walked off the bus in the Bay Area for the 2016 NBA Finals. With a suitcase in one hand and his Vanguard in the other, LeBron was fully equipped and ready to warmup with GAEMS. The Vanguard is TSA friendly and convenient to carry around, even if you’re not a 250-pound superstar.

LeBron is in good company when bringing his Vanguard on the road. UFC fighter Jessamyn Duke takes hers for long travel days, and Miami Marlins first basemen Justin Bour keeps his Vanguard in the locker room. Other GAEMS customers include One Direction, Hollywood actors, and numerous NBA and NFL players.

As for the mere mortals out there, GAEMS has you covered too, whether you’re traveling to Fresno, ‘Frisco - or the Finals.

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