GAEMS Game of the Month: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine
GAEMS Game of the Month: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine
By  GAEMS PR | On June 21, 2016

At GAEMS, we’re gamers just like you. This month, we want to introduce you to Alex Campbell, GAEMS Customer Support Lead, to get his thoughts on our game of the month The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine.

Let's talk about gaming...

Q: What is your first memory of gaming?

A: My dad bringing home the NES one day for me and my brother. We were both pretty young at the time. We had the Duck Hunt and Super Mario Brothers combo cartridge along with Mario Golf and would play for hours on end.

Q: Best console ever made in your opinion?

A: I personally liked the original PlayStation console the most as that is what started my addiction to gaming, with RPG’s like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger.

Q: What's your favorite gaming genre?

A: I like everything honestly, but if I was on a deserted island with only one genre to play (totally likely scenario), I would say RPG’s, with FPS being a close second.

Q: Favorite gaming snack?

A: EVERYTHING!!! Nothing healthy please.

Q: Xbox One or PS4?

A: While I actually prefer to game on PC, I prefer PS4 over Xbox One. There are so many great exclusive titles like Uncharted, God of War, and Bloodborne.

Now let's talk Witcher...

First question--when did you first play the Witcher series?

A: I’m actually fairly new to the series. I really only started to like the series on this third installment.

Q: Have you played all games in the series?

A: I have played all games in the series, but have only completed the third installment (minus the latest DLC). The first two never clicked with me.

Q: How many hours have you logged with the series overall and specifically with Blood and Wine? 

A: My save file says I’m barely over 100 hours, but with all my restarts and extra saves loading, probably closer to 200 hours.

Q: Explain Blood and Wine in a few sentences.

A: This is Geralt’s last adventure, his final send off to end the series. You travel to a new location on a contract from the queen to kill a monster. Things spiral out from there.

Q: Is the Blood and Wine adventure better so far than the other add-on for the game?

A: Due to the fact that this takes place in an entirely new location makes it the better of the two add-ons for The Witcher 3, the other add-on being Hearts of Stone.

Q: Coolest weapon or favorite item from the in-game inventory?  

A: The game has Witcher Sets, which are basically sets of high end gear that includes both armor and sword sets that provide bonuses when all of the gear in that set is equipped. Out of the handful of these that exist in the game, my favorite is the Ursine Armor, or School of the Bear. I currently have it upgraded to mastercrafted level, but with the expansion, you can upgrade it to grandmaster level, which is what I am currently working on.

Q: Thoughts on Toussaint versus past Witcher regions?

A: Toussaint is very rich in color and detailed, and I do much prefer its scenery to that of Velen or Novigrad, which can become stale after 100+ hours of being there. I love the feeling of new areas in old games.

Q: What makes this game so great?

A: The story, game mechanics, graphics, and the sheer size of the game are what make it great. Did I mention it also has transportation by horse? It has that.

Q: Why should our fans play this game? And/or what type of gamer would like this game?

A: This game is great for any fan of RPG games, someone with too much free time on their hands, or people who love being immersed into a great world that is rich in style and lore. It is also an explorer’s paradise. There are so many areas in the game that you can visit freely. This game pretty much has everything, great combat, great story, a fight club, horse racing, and a card game (which I refuse to play because I cannot stand digital card games).

Q: Any other thoughts/perspectives on the game?

A: The game is YUUUUUUUGE! I honestly had to put this game down a number of times due to the size of the world, amount of quests and exploration that exist. I have never had that feeling with a game before, so to me that makes this game unique. But as with anything in life, a little perseverance got me through, and now I am completely infatuated with the game and am loving every minute of Blood and Wine. I would recommend to newcomers that you finish the main story first before moving on to the DLC due to connecting stories and level requirements.

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