GAEMS Rail System Debuts Today
GAEMS Rail System Debuts Today
By  GAEMS PR | On July 25, 2016

New products will revamp gaming and office setups

Redmond, Wash. - GAEMS is launching the GAEMS Rail System today, a sleek answer to organize and customize gaming setups and office environments across the country.

The GAEMS Rail System holds monitors, smartphones, headphones, gaming controllers and other accessories in countless ways, allowing the freedom to arrange them as desired. While suited for any home or office environment, the system is designed with gamers, streamers and vloggers in mind.

WHO: GAEMS is an acronym for Gaming And Entertainment Mobile Systems, a U.S. company created by gamers, for gamers. GAEMS is known for consistently producing top quality products including the Vanguard, Sentry, M-155 and M-240 gaming monitors.

WHAT: GAEMS is launching the GAEMS Rail System today that includes two new products, the Rail System - Weighted Stand and the Rail System - Satellite Stand. The Weighted Stand can hold the GAEMS M-240 or other monitors up to 24 inches, along with a smartphone, camera and other accessories. The Satellite Stand supports smaller monitors such as the GAEMS M-155, along with accessories such as headphones, game controllers, video capture devices and more.

WHERE: The new products are available starting today on and online at national retailers including Amazon and GameStop.

MEDIA: Schedule an interview with GAEMS leaders by emailing or calling (602) 541-6254.

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