At 86, She’s Got Game

Sandra Day O’Connor is best known as the first woman to serve on the United States Supreme Court. Today, at age 86, Justice O’Connor has traded in her black robe for a video game controller. The New York Times recently profiled her transition to a gamer, a way for her to help educate young people about government.

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GAEMS Vanguard Goes Gangbusters

The GAEMS Vanguard is currently sold out on This unforeseen accelerated demand has put us in this out of stock situation and the entire team is working hard to get new units manufactured for those who are still holding onto their wallets or just recently discovered this must-have gaming product.

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GAEMS Popular Among MLB Players

Vanguards are showing up in clubhouses, team planes and hotels

With the baseball season now in full swing, chewing gum and sunflower seeds won’t be the only regulars in Major League Baseball clubhouses, team planes and hotels.

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