Operation Supply Drop

When we say GAEMS can help you game anywhere, we don’t just mean at the airport or the hotel lobby or the dorm room. We’re talking about gaming mid-flight in a C-17, in a base rec center in Iraq, or during down time while deployed in Afghanistan.

Operation Supply 1
What is Operation Supply Drop?

Operation Supply Drop, a global troop support organization, helps bring leading gaming equipment to U.S. troops and NATO allies in countries around the world. Operation Supply Drop and its partners like GAEMS make a difference globally with active duty troops and veterans who need something to take their mind off of stress and challenging situations.

Operation Supply  2

GAEMS is a proud partner of Operation Supply Drop, which has delivered more than 150 video game care packages to troops in more than a dozen countries. The care packages include about $10,000 worth of equipment from gaming consoles and games to headphones and accessories. “There’s a GAEMS case in every single one of these care packages,” said Glenn Banton, chief executive officer of Operation Supply Drop. “Their products fit perfectly into our program by providing more gaming and entertainment portability to our troops.”

How You Can Help
 Operation Supply  3

When you purchase a custom Operation Supply Drop Vanguard unit, a portion of the proceeds benefits OSD and its mission. For more information and additional ways to help click here.

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