Xbox One Upgrade Kit
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ATTENTION BLACK EDITION VANGUARD OWNERS:  Black Edition Vanguards Purchased through authorized retailers on or after 10/1/2014 will come equipped with the Xbox One Upgrade Kit and you DO NOT NEED TO PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT.  For any questions, please reach out to our social media channels by using the links at the top of this page.

*If you have purchased a New Black Edition Vanguard after 10/1/2014 that did not come with the Xbox One kit already installed, please email our support team with a picture of your base and a receipt for your purchase in order to receive a free Xbox One upgrade kit.  Offer only valid for customers residing in the United States.

Safely use and Transport an Xbox One console inside your GAEMS Personal Gaming Environment with the new Xbox One Upgrade kit.  Compatible with all PGE Models.


Compatible with Vanguard, G155 Sentry and the original G155 Personal Gaming Environments (PGEs) The Xbox One Upgrade Kit allows you to safely use and transport your Xbox One console inside any GAEMS PGE.  The Xbox One Kit consists of a new EVA Foam Base that will allow the Xbox One to rest lower inside the case, avoiding damage to the monitor, and a pair of new Velcro Straps designed to better secure the console to avoid shifting during transit. TO INSTALL THE KIT:Vanguard and G155 Sentry

  1. Back the current Velcro straps out of your PGE by pulling on the anchor of the old straps until fully removed.
  2. Re-insert the new straps with the Velcro side facing the bottom of the case.
  3. PRO TIP:  When reinserting the new straps, bend the corner of the strap upwards so that it won’t get caught on the plastic anchor housing.
  4. For the new foam base, remove the current foam base inside of your PGE and insert the Xbox One base in its place.

Original G155 Owners –  you simply need to replace your original foam base with the new one!   *To avoid damage to your Personal Gaming Environment, do not transport an Xbox One inside your GAEMS device without the Xbox One Kit installed!

*Due to the size of Xbox One, it is recommended that some or all console accessories are stored externally from your PGE.

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